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Our best attending classes for the week commencing 06/09/21 are...   Swallows and Kingfishers!!


Weekly Attendance Leader Board

Eagle Kestrel Osprey 
Woodpecker Kingfisher1Owl 
Swallow1Swan Swift 
Robin Wren   



Regular attendance at school is important so that pupils can maximise their educational opportunities. If your child's attendance falls below 90%, this is classed as persistent absenteeism. 

To ensure good school attendance, medical appointments should be arranged outside of school hours. Absences relating to genuine illness must be supported by medical evidence such as; a copy of the prescription, the label from the medication with your child’s name on it or a stamped appointment card or letter. We will not authorise absences for mild discomforts such as, colds, headaches, and stomach aches, birthday celebrations, shopping or to look after younger siblings and holidays.

The school is keen to support parents in ensuring children attend school every day. If you would like any advice or support, please talk to Mrs Whittle. 


From the table below, you can see how many days your child will have missed according to their attendance percentage for the academic year.

% Attendance     

Number of Days Missed


9 ½ days – nearly 2 weeks


19 days – nearly 4 weeks


28 ½ days – 5 weeks 3 ½ days


38 days – 7 weeks 3 days


47 ½ days – 9 weeks 2 ½ days