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Consultation on Beech Hill Community Primary School’s Admission Arrangements for Academic Year 2025-26

Beech Hill Primary School is a community school which means the local authority (LA) is the admission authority for the school. The LA is currently consulting on a reduction to the admission number for Beech Hill Primary School from 45 pupils to 30 with effect from Reception Class entry in September 2025. Reason for the proposed reduction The LA has a statutory duty to ensure the sufficiency of school places in their area. This involves managing the supply and demand for school places across the Borough. To meet this duty, the LA produces and maintains pupil projection information which enables us to forecast how many school places we will need in the future. Pupil forecasting involves grouping schools into smaller areas (planning areas) because different areas of the Borough have different demands for school places. For example, some areas of the Borough have several large housing developments planned whereas others do not. Housing developments are one of the key factors considered when managing the future supply and demand of places. Other factors taken into account include live birth data; pupil migration; and parental preference trends. Following a review of all planning areas, current pupil projections suggest that demand for primary school places will decrease over the coming years within the planning area where Beech Hill Primary School is located. This is mainly due to a decrease in births and no large?scale housing developments planned for this area of Wigan in the foreseeable future. To manage the supply and demand for school places in this planning area, we propose that Beech Hill Primary School reduce its admission number from 45 to 30. It should be noted that any reduction will be carefully monitored and, should the need for more places arise in the future, the school’s admission number can be returned to 45. The LA is not proposing any changes to the school’s oversubscription criteria and are only seeking comments on the proposed reduction to the school’s admission number at this time. If you have any questions about the school’s proposed admission arrangements, please contact Darren Thomas-Stanley at

General school admissions

In-year admissions and appeals for Reception pupils through to Year 6 are processed by  Wigan Borough Council.

The link below will take you to admissions page of Wigan Council  for more information.


Applying for a place at nursery

Children enter the nursery in the September after their third birthday. They can attend for either a morning, afternoon or an all-day session. Please contact the Early Years Phase Leader for information about current availability. Our Nursery Admissions policy is linked below.


Reception Admissions 2024

The window for Reception 2024 applications closes on 15th January 2024.  



Nursery Admission Policy